Visible from different viewpoints from the city of Alghero, the rocky promontory of Capo Caccia is part of the homonymous protected area, which includes Porto Conte bay and the territory between Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia.
In the park, thanks to trekking itineraries and by mountain bike, you can visit natural sites, such as Prigionette, where, apart from the beauty of the Mediterranean scrub, you can admire white donkeys, Giara ponies and fallow deer. The area is rich in archaeological sites (such as the nuragic complex of Sant’Imbenia), and speleological sites, such as the huge Grotta Verde (Green Cave).

Among the most interesting places to visit, there are the Neptune’s caves. You can reach them by boat from the port of Alghero, sailing along Capo Galera and the Foradada Island, or on foot, thanks to a panoramic stairway of 654 steps, called “Escala del Cabirol”.
The tour is about one kilometre, with a lake and evocative spaces full of stalactites and stalagmites. The holy water font and the so-called Christmas tree are among the most fascinating formations. The most enchanting rooms are the Palace room, with two stunning arches, the Great Organ room with the caves’ biggest column, and the Lace room.

Capo Caccia cliffs are the favourite destination of climbing and diving lovers. Nereo’s cave is the biggest underwater cave in Europe.